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Amazon Appstore 2.1.0

ScreenShot of Amazon Appstore 2.1.0 by Havok_Apps ► How to use Free App Widget 4 Amazon ◄ To use this widget you must "long press" on an empty space on your home screen and then from the "widget menu" select "Free App Widget for Amazon" ► What is Free App Widget 4 Amazon ◄ Amazon gives away a paid app each and every day. The purpose of this home screen widget is to give you a visual reminder each and every time you see it on the screen so you don't forget to check the app store. If you love and use this app please help support it by leaving comments or contacting me! Those who leave star ratings without comments are not helping to improve the project. ► Note ◄ It is set to update automatically every 60 minutes and can also be updated manually. Will allow you to automatically load and download the ...
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Pinball 1.3.0

ScreenShot of Pinball 1.3.0 by Magma Mobile Pinball is the 1st Android Pinball game available on the market. Control the flips with the buttons(SET IN OPTIONS). By DEFAULT touchscreen control flips. YOU LIKE THIS GAME ? PLEASE RATE IT Since version 1.2.0, if your device is multitouch, you can now touch right and left corners to control flips ! Check the settings to see if you can play with multitouch Recommended key for G1 Left : Call Button Right & Plunger: Back Button Menu : Menu Button Pause : Touchscreen Recent changes: If you would like to see this game translated in your language, send us an e-mail [23] V1.3.0 - minor bug fixes - 2 NEW TABLES !! [22] V1.2.8 - minor bug fixes - Translation in Korean by Wen Charmgene Translation in Hebrew by Roy Jan & Gaby Bernstein Translation in Turkish by Berkin Kayalar & Chingiz ...
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Cars And Guns 3D FREE 1.4

ScreenShot of Cars And Guns 3D FREE 1.4 by Evil Indie Games Free version of awesome racing and arcade game remaining such famous titles as GTA, Carmageddon, Test Drive and Street Rod series. Trading, global leaderboards, over 25 upgradable cars, 20 different missions, unique gameplay, awesome graphics and fabulous soundtrack. Try ski jumping, taxi driving, destroying enemies using weapons! Cardboard Cars & Guns! Free game of the 2011. ------ IMPORTANT! FOR ANDROID 3.X (i.e. galaxy tab 10.1) If you have problems with running the game, when application shows splash screen, press home key then run the game again it should work. Let us know if you face any problems. --- Version 1.4 - new camera modes, new gui, performance updates, bug fixes Version 1.31 - new car - Garbage Truck, 2 new tracks Version 1.3 - 2 new cars (Santa Car & Goldley), 2 new...
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Alarm Clock

ScreenShot of Alarm Clock by Inhuman Alarm Clock is a powerful clock that allows you to set multiple alarms, with custom settings for each. All of the features you've come to want in a clock are here as well as 6 high quality themes to choose from so it will look great on your night stand. Features: - Themes: 6 Stylish themes for you to choose from [Digital | Metro | Analog | Zune | Blocks | LT ] - Music: Use any of your music as an alarm [Artist, Album, Song, Genre, Playlist] - Alarms: Create multiple alarms and choose which days they should repeat on - Sleep: Let your music play for set amount of time while you fall asleep - Snooze: Push snooze to sleep a little longer - LockScreen: Disable lockscreen when your phone is plugged in for the night - Rotate: Support for Landscape and Portrait orientations - Now Playing...
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ScreenShot of ColorSpill by Buddy Studios ColorSpill is a colorful location-aware twist on a classic game concept! The goal of this game is to fill the entire board with a single color, and to do so in as few steps as possible. A quick game which is addictive yet enduring, ColorSpill can be played for minutes or hours and is amazingly simple, yet incredibly fun! See if you can complete the board in the fewest possible steps, and then compare your results with your neighborhood, city and the whole world! We're aware of imitation apps in the WP7 Marketplace - ditch the rest, and go with the original and the best! The ONLY location-based game of its type in the Marketplace! NEW in v1.7: Corrected a minor bug. No new functionality. NEW in v1.6: Minor bug fixes, updated the app to accommodate new features in the Buddy Platform. NEW in ...
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Pocket Garage HD - MPG, Services and Repairs 1.3

ScreenShot of Pocket Garage HD - MPG, Services and Repairs 1.3 by Blue Tags Pocket Garage is designed to help you understand and track your MPG, service and maintenance cost. Maintaining records of gas filling, usage and mileage has never been so easy before. You can use this application to track one car or multiple cars. Its powerful charts and easy-to-use logging system will help you take better care of your cars. Powerful service feature will remind you when and which part of your car should have a service. Pocket Garage keeps a complete record of your cars and allows you to email those records to anyone. Our Pocket Garage is one of the best tools to take care of your cars. Once you use the app you will want nothing else to make your car management easier. FILLED WITH FEATURES -MPG Tracker: Log fuel and watch the trend of your fuel economy. -Service Reminder...
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ScreenShot of Mahjong by Magma Mobile Mahjong is a free solitaire matching game which uses a set of Mahjong tiles. The goal of this pyramid game is to match open pairs of identical tiles and remove them from the board, exposing the tiles under them for play. You will be challenged to eliminate all pieces from the board. This board game includes over 80 tables. A hint functionnality also exist to help you when being stuck on a difficult table. Mahjong involves skill, strategy, and calculation, as well as a certain degree of luck. IF YOU LIKE IT, PLEASE RATE IT. THANKS. If you enjoy playing chess, checkers, backgammon, tic tac toe or any Memory games, you will surely enjoy playing Mahjong Recent changes: v1.0.19 - minor bug fix v1.0.18 - 5 new layouts added - minor bug fixes V1.0.17 - 5 new layouts added - Galaxy tab compatible - ...
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Sushi Battle

ScreenShot of Sushi Battle by The Sushi gang has just escaped a cruel and terrible destiny: a ruthless chef wanted to turn them into sushi for his hungry customers! They run for their lives and escape; but something threatening is waiting for them in the alley beside the garbage bins. Help the gang to fight their new enemy and for their freedom! What's the difference between sushi battle and other games? Sushibattle is YOUR game! On Sushibattle you can play 50 levels and in addition you have an epic feature: you can create your personal levels, play them, choose from others users’ levels, share them and leave a good or a bad comment. Challenge your friends creating the best level!! Remember: users are at the heart of everything: don't like one level? Create your own! Tips: Pin to start for receive news (only full...
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Elastic World 1.2

ScreenShot of Elastic World 1.2 by Monkey I-Brow Studios Get ready for a unique physics-based puzzler. In Elastic World you control weird elastic shapes in order to make a ball hit the floating star. Expand and collapse these jelly shapes and make the ball bounce in different directions and heights. Sounds weird but is actually pretty fast to pick up. Each level gets increasingly challenging and sometimes you have to have some pretty quick reflexes as you compete against the clock. The faster you can hit the star, the better you are ranked. Now with Open Feint support. Share your scores with other players and climb your way to the top of the leader boards. Really fun and addicting! ********** Please support independent video game development! This is the result of six months of hard work (done alongside a full-time job). Please give it a good...
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Danger Cats! 1.1

ScreenShot of Danger Cats!  1.1 by Joe Kauffman Danger Cats! is currently featured in the What's Hot section of iTunes!!! What a Cat-astrophe! Can you get these mischievous cats back down to solid ground? Danger cats find themselves in purr-carious places, help them land safely! With 80 levels of visual catnip spread across 4 different themes you'll have a hiss-terical time! Fun for the whole litter! Version 1.1: 20 Brand New Levels!!! Also: Danger Cats! now saves all of your progress! The game tracks how long you've played, levels completed, and cats that have been lost. There is now a Congratulations! screen when you complete all levels. Several minor bug fixes and visual enhancements throughout. What's new 20 Brand New Levels!!! Also: Danger Cats! now saves all of your progress! The game tracks how long you've played, levels completed...
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